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All seeing

September 2008

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holy father

theoutlawtorn in wonder_soul

Happy Mommy's Day~!


*hands bouquet of flowers*

We have a couple of mommies here in the community, but I'm sure there are others who are lurking around and, if they want, they can leave anonymous comments or hi-jack someone's LJ.

I just want to give a shout-out to all the AWESOME MOMMIES I've gotten to know. It's always so amazing to watch your little babies grow, and to see how you all raise your kids so differently, and yet you're still all great mommies (for the most part XD).

So, I want y'all to talk about your mom your mothers. I know some of you may have negative feelings toward your moms, and that's okay. Feel free to vent, but keep it as respectful as possible.

And the weather's nice today! ^__^ Yay spring~ <3


I'm pretty neutral toward my mother. Well, not neutral in the sense of "indifferent," but...my positive feelings and negative feelings are both so extreme that they cancel each other out.

My mother wasn't...the best person in the world. She had her share of vices and often put those before her family. If she got angry, she was not above hitting me or my father.

But, she wasn't the worst person, either. She only became physically violent every now and then, and most of the time it was just a shove or a light slap on the arm. When she was calm and sober, she was a diligent and loving wife, mother, and friend. We were never close emotionally, but I know she could tell when something was bothering me, and I would sense a change in her attitude. She was more gentle, more tactful when I was upset. She never comforted me, but I'm grateful for what she did.

So, I do miss her, but at the same time it was too difficult living with her, knowing that her mood was so volatile. RIP, mom.