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Apr. 10th, 2008

Lavender Serenade


Story time

Hey, guys. I've made multiple promises that I will keep this thing going, and I'm going to keep every single one of them.

I don't really know what the structure of this comm is going to be, but I want something to get us started. And, since I've been on a creative writing kick these past couple of weeks, what I want you all to do is....

Tell me a story

What I'm envisioning is flash fiction. That means 500 words or less, so don't stress out about making it some epic novel-length work. Just give me a little glimpse into a character's life. It can be your own (non-fiction/memoir), or it can a fictional character. Just get those creative juices flowing and tell me a story!

Mar. 23rd, 2008




Hello, all you beautiful people! Tis lycorislaramie here, and I have taken over as maintainer/mod of the community (we'll conveniently ignore the fact that theoutlawtorn and I are THE EXACT SAME PERSON).

So hc was babbling some nonsense about kicking you peeps out. DO NOT WANT. I want you all to stay because, really, we have been drifting apart, and while I don't want to force anything that just isn't meant to be, I don't want to just give up and lose everything we had. I may restructure the comm a bit...maybe instead of debates on specific topics, we'll just have discussions about...whatever. You know, ourselves, each other, memories we have, experiences we want to have in the future. Stuff like that. Some of my new novel characters have made LJs, so they can pop in and contribute, and I'm sure a few more peeps will stop in (FOR INSTANCE, I wish to track down Caleb, as we haven't talked very much recently and I wish to know the status of our fiance-ship, though by now I suspect that's a moot point >__>).

MY POINT BEING: I will not let this community die. Anyone who wishes to participate, can, while anyone who feels it is not worth their time can just be on their way. I STILL LOVE YOU ALL WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING!!! n____nb

And because this is a non-serious post, have a CRACKTASTIC ICON.

Feb. 4th, 2007

holy father


Third (fourth?) Chance...

Grr, I really can't get this community back on its feet, can I? *sigh* I keep saying I'll start it up again, and I go on and on about how fun it was....mleh.

Maybe I need new participants. Now, don't get me wrong! I love all of you, and you know it! But, since I'm focusing so much on my new story, you guys have all sort of run off and done your own thing, and it's a bit harder to communicate with you nowadays. Jin and Pascal have sort of stuck around, but the rest of you have drifted away. Again, not a bad thing! And totally not your fault! It just...happens. But this community is such a fun idea, mainly because it gave something to focus on outside of the story...

You guys can all take a break for a bit. Maybe Jin and Pascal can hang on, floating a bit closer to the surface, but still in the background. I'll bring in some of my newer characters, just so I can get a bit more comfortable talking with them. I don't get to see much of their minds beyond what goes on in the actual story.

I hope you guys aren't mad at me!! ;____; I just...you, of all people, should know how crazy and fickle and unpredictable my "mind" can be. If my new characters don't work out at all, I will definitely bring all of you back! I just want to see if this will work...

Love love love! I will always love you!
♥ Raisin

Plus! I need an icon...I got rid of the wangsty "She will be loved" icon I used to have. Maybe I will turn mod-ship of this community over to lycorislaramie. She even has a neat, more-serious icon.

Apr. 4th, 2006

holy father


Where have we been?

Wow, I'm so sorry I forgot about this! And I was so excited about it when we first started...I typed up all the possible topics and everything...

Well, how do you guys feel about starting it up again? Have you all run off and died, or are you still out there?

Also, since I have some new folks living in my head, how would you feel if I invited a few of them over? I would probably only invite a couple (the ones that really stand out to me and would have a lot to say).

Somone comment on this post so I know you have not forgotten this! I will try to post a topic soon and let you debate it out.

Love you still!
♥ Raisin

Oct. 11th, 2005

holy father


Third Topic (Religion)

I’m feeling *particularly* cruel today. Your next topic is:


Get to it ;)

Sep. 30th, 2005

holy father



I made some colorbars for you guys!! ^ ^

You each have one, with your colors. There's also a colorbar with everyone on it, with rainbow colors.

Put your personalized bars in your info!!

Enjoy! ^ ^


Sep. 29th, 2005

holy father


Second Topic

Since this topic has been beaten to death here at Wheaton, let’s take a moment to talk about:


And I’m going to be cruel and not give you any explanation / prompt whatsoever. Nyeh. Just start talking about identity.

Sep. 26th, 2005

holy father


First topic

Since Professor Morgan sort of alluded to this in Psych today, how about our first topic for discussion/debate is:

Berkeley's Philosophy

This is most relevant to Idana, but I'm sure everyone has opinions on it...

Commence debate!

Edit for Tristan's stupidity...

The basic premise of Berkeley's philosophy is that nothing can exist unless it is perceived. Everything in the "material" world is made up of ideas, and the fact that we perceive them (primarily through our senses) is the only proof that they actually exist.

All of these things are ideas in the mind of a higher being (which, according to Berkeley, is God), so they seem "material" to us. The only ideas that we create ourselves are created within us. So we cannot, for example, create a table out of thin air just because we imagine that it is there. We can, however, perceive the table as hard, or beautiful, or brown.

Is that enough, Tristan?? =P

Sep. 23rd, 2005

holy father


Some crappy words to show my love for you

I wrote a poem for you guys!! It's a sestina. ^ ^ Each stanza is a different person...

Sestina: Wonder Souls
A girl without a soul glances in the mirror.
The glass catches the light like the blade of a knife
Ready for the red flesh of a pomegranate.
Her dark eyes glow like a dull flame,
And she hopelessly searches for light
Among the dying stars…

His eyes fall from the stars
To the mocking face in the mirror.
Eyes devoid of light,
Skin red from the knife,
Heated over a hungry flame.
The blood flows, scarlet as the seeds of a pomegranate…

Her luscious lips, red as a pomegranate,
Her eager eyes, sparkling like the stars,
Her passionate soul, dancing like the flame…
This can’t be reflected in the mirror.
She reaches across the table for her knife…
She’s ready for the mission. She flicks off the light…

His soul is full of light,
Inspiring and fertile like the pomegranate
Whose flesh, when torn open with a knife,
Reveals tousands of seeds, like red stars.
But even their sweetness cannot mirror
The love burning in his heart like a flame…

Agile hands dancing over a flame
Praying that the dark will fade to light.
A fearful glance in the mirror,
A taste of mortality from a ripe pomegranate,
And a silent plea that the stars
Will cut his heart open like a knife…

Her sarcastic wit, sharp and cutting as a knife,
Burns her enemies like a flame.
The wonder she feels when she sees the stars
Bathes her soul in light.
Feminine power in a taste of pomegranate,
And she can embrace the reflection in the mirror…

Six wonder stars of trembling light
Passionate as the flame, rich as the pomegranate
Cutting my soul like a knife against a mirror

Sep. 12th, 2005

holy father


(no subject)

You guys need some pictures for your Bios ^ ^

I'll get right on that.....

PS. Chibi? or no?

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