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All seeing

September 2008

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holy father

theoutlawtorn in wonder_soul

Summer lovin~

So, let's get ready for another discussion, eh? I got a nice, juicy topic ready for y'all, so I'm expecting all kinds of discussion, debate, questions, theories, and LOTS of personal stories...^_~

Let's talk about LOVE!

And, of course, everything that goes with it...sexuality, marriage, break-ups, etc., etc. It's a crazy, no-holds-barred love discussion cage match!

...sort of. >_>

Just get to discussin'!

♥ ♥ ♥


I am here to comment with my brand-spankin-new journal!

...Too bad I have little to nothing to say about the topic. I pretty much have no idea where to start this cage-match conversation.

Except, I'll say this: Unrequited love BITES.


Let's see...I will be endeavoring to hop into bed in T-minus 13 minutes, so that will force me to be brief.

One thing that puts a twist (or a damper, you might say) on my love life is the fact that I'm asexual. I don't find any of my fellow human beings even remotely attractive in a romantic or sexual way. I still find some of them aesthetically pleasing and a few are even fun to be around, but the idea of dating or fornicating with one of them is just...not anything I want to be a part of.

Now, that's not to say I'm ruling out the possibility of loving anyone, ever. I used to have this great idealized notion of what I wanted my first (and, in my little head-world, only) boyfriend to be like. It took me roughly two and a half years to realize that it was just an ideal. I was never going to find Mr. Perfect in the real world. I was able to pine after this imaginary romance so completely because it was safe...there was no way I would actually have to deal with a real-world romance, and I really don't think I would have been able to.

At this point in time, I'm not looking for a relationship. What I define as "love" is a lot different from what other people think. My ideal relationship, what I would consider "love," is what most people would just call a good friendship. I just want to feel completely comfortable with another person, not have any awkward physical or sexual interactions, and not have emotions running so high that drama lurks around every corner.

I'm sick of holding out for love because, like I said, my ideal "romance" is not going to happen. Not while 99% of the population is sexual, at any rate. *sigh*...

But s'okay. I still WUV all of YOU!! *huggz ♥*