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All seeing

September 2008

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holy father

theoutlawtorn in wonder_soul

Group hug!

I'm mentally and physically exhausted right now. Finals have been an absolute bitch, and I haven't felt rested and relaxed in over a week. My mind is over-stimulated and my body is too taxed to keep up. I need sleep, I need a break, I need a vacation, but most of all, I need hugs.

So, I propose that we have a GROUP HUG! Please, everyone participate! I just want to feel warm and snuggly and loved for a few moments before I have to return to the hell that is finals week.

*stands up, holding out arms expectantly*


Edit: When I laid out this concept in my head, it didn't sound quite so selfish. I want EVERYONE to feel warm and snuggly and hugged. :3 I'm sure everyone could use hugs, so it's definitely not just for my own benefit.


*hurries forward and hugs Raisin*


You'll get through this, and you'll be okay. If you need to vent and/or cry again, I'm here.
[slings arm around Raisin's shoulder]

Keep cool, kid. Like Caleb said, you'll get through it. It's almost over, right?
*grabs Raisin in bearhug*

Ooh, platonic hugs feel nice. It's been a while since I've had a really intense platonic, no-strings-attached, no-awkward-feelings hug.

*hugs tighter*
*wriggles his way into the middle of the group*
:reaches out and squeezes Raisin's hand:

Just keep calm, love. That's all you need to do. =)


-reaches out, brushes the back of her neck with his fingertips or perhaps the tip of a knife, and disappears-
Thank you for letting me cry the other night. For some reason, I hadn't been able to let myself go, but you managed to break down whatever walls I'd built to keep everything inside.

I feel loads better now! ^_^