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September 2008

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Lavender Serenade

lycorislaramie in wonder_soul


Okay, time for a more "discussion-based" post. I still want your stories and your pictures, but for those of us who are not quite so creatively-inclined (*cough*Tristan*cough*), I would like to open the forum up for discussion.

There is no specific topic or debate this time. I just want you to rant. Tell me what has been bothering you, what you're angry about, any shit that you'd just rather not deal with. Let it all out! You'll feel better, I promise.


Not much. ^_^ I'm just having a hard time being patient. At my next sonogram, we've decided that we're going to reveal the sex of our second lil baby nugget. ^_^ I'll know by Friday!

Life is amazing right now. Carrying a child is the most incredible thing I've ever done and, lucky me, I'm doing it twice! Fruna is going to be a proud papa, and Yosuke is ecstatic to be a big brother. o^___^v
Friday?! Eeeeeee, I'm excited!

And yay for big-brother Yosuke!!!! ^_^~♥

The results are in!

It's a girl-nugget this timeee~

Re: The results are in!

Eeeeeeeeeee!!!! ^_^

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!


Congratulations, Katsumi! :D

♥ Anna
Chaos. He's been lurking just beneath the surface lately, skewing my mood just enough that I feel shitty all the time, but not enough that I have an excuse to blow people off. I'm miserable during the day, a wreck at night, my sleep schedule has gone to shit, and I can't concentrate at all.

Dr. L has been trying to help, but he's not having much luck getting in touch with Chaos (none of us are). I just want him out of here! He's making me miserable...-___-

I luvz you! No more awkwardness, I promise! ;___; Just lots of cuddlz and hugz and stufffff.


Heh, I didn't even realize you'd responded. Things really weren't that awkward, I was just in a pissy mood. No more pissy moods, I promise. ^_~

*hugglz back*

♥ Pascal

P.S. You're really funny when you're rambling off your finals schedule in a semi-conscious state <33
An important part of the term "friends with benefits" is the friends part.

Things are getting awkward between me and my fuck-buddy. Shit.
Hey, you know, angry!hate!sex can be pretty hot...^_~


Don't give him any ideas!

~The fuck buddy
Just work and crap. Nothing big, nothing out of the ordinary, but just the stress of the everyday grind. Blaaaaaahhhhhh. -___- I want to jet away to Europe or something!! ;__;

<33 Juju
I just need SUMMER to get here, as soon as possible. I keep forgetting that I have papers and exams, because all I can think about is how INCREDIBLE this summer is going to be!! ^____^
I'm here to add a more ANGRY rant. Because FINALS SUCK. It's too much stress for my little brain to handle. @___@ I keep doing work, but it never ends! It's like I'm looking up the side of a mountain that keeps getting taller and taller, and I'm expected to scale it within two days....

AAAAHHHH! I'm going to go crazy before the semester's over. I'm imbibing energy drinks to help myself stay awake tonight, but all it's doing is making me feel EVEN MORE SLEEPY. HOW DOES THAT WORK?!?!?!?